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“thank you a gazillion times over”

"Thankyou Melissa,

you have helped me

so much more than

anyone else has. I

have come from a

place of real

despair to a place

where I feel

happiness.  You are

so valuable."





bodyhealth clinic homeopathic medicines

A full range of medicines in all potencies are available in pilules and liquid form.


bodyhealth clinic first aid kits

Unique and ideal for new and experienced users of homeopathy. They contain a wide range of homeopathic medicines covering the most common ailments seen at home, during pregnancy and in first aid situations. Each kit comes with its own comprehensive prescribing guide to help you in your selection of the most appropriate remedy.


bodyhealth clinic gift certificates

A thoughtful gift for a friend, colleague or loved one. A beautifully presented gift certificate can be purchased from the reception or make a credit card purchase over the telephone.


bodyhealth clinic bath salts

Relax your body in a beautiful Arnica blend specific for aches & pains. Try the soothing Indulgence blend for calming & relaxing a stressed body. The Pregnancy blend for the expectant mother is comforting and tranquil.


bodyhealth clinic skin products

Refreshing and invigorating facial masque and hand & body scrub, softens the signs of tiredness and stress and invigorates the skin. For those wanting a natural skin care.


bodyhealth clinic pregnancy products are created with special care for you and your baby, containing only the freshest ingredients blended with organic plants and essential oils, leaving the skin feeling smooth, fresh and radiant. The plants and oils used in the skin and body care are carefully chosen to enhance the look and feel of your skin.

bodyhealth clinic also stocks a range of naturally made bath treats, lip balms, foot baths, soaps, body polishes, milk soaks, insect repellants, body sprays, Bach Flower remedies, rescue remedy, calendula tincture and wheat bags to help you keep your body naturally healthy and chemical free.



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