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“Thank you for all your help in making me happy again

“I’d like to thank you very much for helping me so much (where several others could not) You’re a wonderful listener, a supportive practitioner and above all, you genuinely care.”

“If it wasn’t for your help over the past twelve months, I would have probably ended up in hospital again with infections in my chest and high temperatures. Even my specialist told me ‘What ever I am doing, keep it up’, because he gave me a clean bill of health last time I saw him! I am still going strong”




“Melissa has been my coach, teacher and cheer-leader, helping me improve my health and well-being. My sessions with Melissa have been thought provoking, uplifting, inspirational and educational. The sessions give you the chance to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and emotions about your work and personal life. She is one special lady and I felt that I could trust Melissa from the outset. You will be captured by her kind heart and pure wisdom. I have always looked forward to my sessions with Melissa as she has brought, and continues to bring, much sunshine into my life.”




bodyhealth  clinic  natural medicines support your immune system, helping  your body heal itself.  Early treatment with bodyhealth clinic  natural medicines can help prevent long term use of conventional drugs.

bodyhealth homeopathy is a natural  and gentle treatment for effectively restoring health.

Suitable for all types of illnesses

Homeopathy can effectively treat chronic and acute conditions including hormonal, skin, immunity, allergies, digestive, fatigue, psychological, muscular and respiratory problems. It does not interfere with any other conventional medical treatment  and can also assist during transitions such as pregnancy and menopause.  Homeopathic medicines are safe for all age groups including babies and children. 

Animals also respond  well to Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is used worldwide

In Australia, Homeopathy is gaining greater recognition, with rebates available through numerous private health funds.  Overseas, there are medical doctors who also practise Homeopathy or refer their patients to Homeopaths: in France, over 30% of doctors use Homeopathy: in England, over 40% of doctors refer their patients to Homeopaths.  The Queen’s physician is a Homeopath.

Homeopathic treatments result in lasting cures as it treats the patient holistically as opposed to suppressing symptoms.  Homeopathic medicines may be safely used to complement conventional medicine or, if appropriate, as an alternative. Suitable for all age groups, homeopathic medicines can be used during pregnancy and whilst breast feeding.

bodyhealth naturopathy uses herbal medicine, nutritional and dietary advice and several vitamins and minerals in the treatment of disease to maintain good health in today’s environment.  It offers a safe, effective approach to various acute and chronic health issues.

bodyhealth clinic is committed to restoring and maintaining good health through botanical medicine and advice on diet and lifestyle.  It is safe and simple to use and is effective for several ailments.

The Consultation

The first consultation can take up to an hour. A thorough medical history is taken and all aspects of health are covered. Each patient is asked to bring details of any prescribed medicines being taken. During treatment, you will be seen on a regular basis, generally at two to four week intervals, to assess progress and make any necessary adjustments to prescriptions and treatments.

Homeopathic medicine is safe to use, without any side effects of conventional medicines.

It is effective for: Asthma, Fatigue, Digestive ailments, Bronchitis, Allergies, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Skin conditions including Acne, Dermatitis and Eczema, Respiratory problems, Infertility, Cardiovascular conditions, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Infant conditions, Colds and Flu, Immune Stimulant, Weight management and Detox Programs.



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