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“I’d like to thank you very much for helping me so much (where several others could not) You’re a wonderful listener a supportive practitioner and above all, you genuinely care.”

“Thank you for all your help in making me happy again”

“thank you a gazillion times over”

“thank you so much for all your fantastic help and advice over the last year. I’d be buried deep under the scrap heap (still) if it wasn’t for you. You are my champion”

“You went beyond what was expected and it is much appreciated.”

“Thanks for keeping my mind and body together!”


“Through the year your professional advice has been a gift that has helped me to become a more confident and healthier person.”


“Thanks for all your terrific massages during the year. It’s my monthly treat”


“Dear Melissa

I wanted to let you know just how grateful I am that you have helped us out so much. Thanks to you I feel really well and would not have got through Ambers pregnancy without your help. You have saved our family many times over! You are very talented at your work and we appreciate you so much.”

Love Kim

“I have been seeing Melissa for several years and she has been a very caring practitioner who has always been helpful and made herself available. I have found her remedies to be most beneficial at all times. I am happy to recommend her.”


“I had been to a doctor about my problem and there didn’t seem to be a satisfactory answer. But once I went to Melissa, she was able to diagnose and prescribe Homeopathic treatment which worked. I swear by Homeopathic Medicine and would encourage others to give it a try.”

“Melissa has been my coach, teacher and cheer-leader, helping me improve my health and well-being. My sessions with Melissa have been thought provoking, uplifting, inspirational and educational. The sessions give you the chance to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and emotions about your work and personal life. She is one special lady and I felt that I could trust Melissa from the outset. You will be captured by her kind heart and pure wisdom. I have always looked forward to my sessions with Melissa as she has brought and continues to bring much sunshine into my life.”


“ a friend referred me to Melissa in 2005 – the most worthwhile referral I have received. I was pregnant and very worried about having a stranger massage me. I have since referred Melissa to family and friends across Adelaide without hesitation. My pregnant friends were so grateful. I look forward to every visit.”


“I began seeing Melissa while I was pregnant with my first child. She was recommended to me by a friend. I had been looking for a massage therapist who was skilled at working with pregnant women. Melissa immediately made me feel relaxed and nurtured. She had lots of soft pillows to make me comfortable on the massage table, which really helped especially towards the end of my pregnancy. I found the massages to be a lovely way to unwind and deal with the little niggles that came up during pregnancy. I have since recommended her to other pregnant friends and now that I have had my son I enjoy being able to lie on my belly for massages!”


“thankyou Melissa, you have helped me so much more than anyone else has. I have come from a place of real despair to a place where I feel happiness. You are so valuable.”

“Thanks for keeping my mind and body together!”


“After a long year, Corporate Express Australia looked to reward its team with a Corporate Massage. Melissa Gunn of Bodyhealth Clinic was referred to me by my business associate and I was not surprised why. Melissa's service went beyond our expectation through her professionalism, friendliness and attention to detail throughout her visit. Corporate Express will continue to use Melissa and I will confidently recommend her services to others.”

Jehad, State Manager

“If it wasn’t for your help over the past twelve months, I would have probably ended up in hospital again with infections in my chest and high temperatures. Even my specialist told me ‘What ever I am doing, keep it up’, because he gave me a clean bill of health last time I saw him! I am still going strong”


“I have entrusted Melissa with the important job of helping restore and maintain our family’s health. She provides natural, non-invasive care based on a wealth of knowledge and experience which, along with her keen intuitive sense and deeply caring nature, enables her to achieve impressive results. She is a good listener, conducts a thorough investigative consultation process and is wonderful with children. I recommend her unreservedly to anyone seeking a dedicated, honest, health professional.”

Marina Feb 2007

“Melissa is a highly capable Homeopath / Naturopath with a seamless service. She puts her clients at ease and ensures the entire experience is nothing but first class. Her approach is holistic, however she only offers the variety of services she is experienced in when asked, ensuring comfort at all times.”


“A BIG THANKYOU for the pain relief I get from your wonderful massages!”



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